The worlds most advanced personal safety solution


Eyewatch is a personal safety app which send alerts to your Responders in case an emergency. With the click of a button, Eyewatch informs your Responders where you are and what is happening. Eyewatch is the only known app in the world which captures audio before activation, Records Video after, and calls your Responders one after the other on Speakerphone automatically. Eyewatch uses both GPS and Network triangulation algorithms to determine your location with maximum accuracy and share it with your Responders.


How Eyewatch Works

When the user is in an emergency situation they need to press the alert button in the app or can press the power button 4 times to raise an alert. The following happens automatically within the app on raising an alert:

  • The app automatically calls the Police helpline number and all the prelisted emergency contacts.
  • The app sends alert information via SMS to the emergency contacts.
  • The Eyewatch App automatically records a 20 second audio and video stream from the user’s phone.
  • The user’s location is also tracked which updates every 5 seconds.
  • The app displays all the nearby police stations (safe zones).

Emergency Response Control Centre (ERCC)

The ERCC is a web-based control center that will monitor and enable the Police force or Medical personnel to act upon the emergency alerts raised by Eyewatch users. It includes Geo-fencing: Creation of virtual perimeter on digital map by geocoding boundaries of state, city and district. There will be dedicated Eyewatch control centers deployed in these regions to achieve effective location-wise response.

  • Ability to monitor distress alerts from multiple users on real time basis.
  • Prioritizing alerts based on the call, location and nature of emergency
  • Displays user’s vital information like phone battery status, network signal strength, blood group, medical conditions, insurance details, etc.
  • Track location of user by using a digital map. Uses GPS and Network triangulation for real time location tracking.
  • Ability to track, assign and alert Emergency Responders, thus effective in co-ordination efforts.
  • Can be integrated to any existing control center.
  • The system has a provision of a siren alarm sound notification for alerts.


The Eyewatch Responder solution is designed to reduce overall response time by providing the exact location and relevant details to the Police personnel’s. The responder is a supporting solution to the Eyewatch app. This application is developed to be used by the Police personnel’s like constables of PCR Van or local beat marshal’s. It communicates with the Eyewatch ERCC and the users of Eyewatch. The ERCC sends direction to the users of Responder application on receiving the alert for carrying out the necessary response. Using the responder app, the Police constable can view the live location and video of the victim and reach them at the earliest. Simultaneously, the Eyewatch app displays the Responder arrival time, this helps in reassuring the user in distress.