An advance system which integrates several technologies such as
Drones/FRS/Eyewatch to help the victims in case of emergency.

Eyewatch DroneNet


Eyewatch-Dronenet is a comprehensive security ecosystem which is used for reporting, monitoring, and responding to multiple security emergencies. Eyewatch enables the victim to immediately send out audio-video data and real-time location by using our advanced mobile application. All alert data is sent to the web based Emergency Response Control Center (ERCC) deployed at the State police Headquarters and city police headquarters which are geo-coded in respective zones. The police HQ analyses the data in ERCC and sends the nearest UAV to the victim’s location, it will also alert the nearby response team to carry out the rescue mission.Eyewatch provides the response team with an integrated Responder solution which consists of UAV systems and mobile application. The responder personnel can view the alert data of the victim on his mobile or tablet. The responder application also has a notification for the responder to fly UAV to the mission spot on receiving command from HQ ERCC.


Eyewatch Alert

Press the alert button in case of an Emergency. Alert Audio & Video/Live Location is automatically sent to the Eye-watch web based control center.

Location Visual & Data Transmission

You will also be able to see your exact location and status of data transferred. Audio, Video & Location of the event is transmitted to the responder in real time

control center
Control Center & Drone Deplyoment

Data is sent to the control center, analysed and sent to the nearby responder. Specific drone is immediately deployed based on the situation.


Responder receives the alert on his phone and ERCC. Along with audio, video and location. The Responder also has access to the audio, video and location data. He can now plan to respond accordingly

Realtime Alerts

Victim Receives real time update of responder until the help is recieved. He/She can now deactivate the alert