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To map this complex area would have taken us weeks using traditional in-site field surveys, in some places it is completely impossible due to the impenetrable density of the vegetation. Mapping has become one of the top solutions from Eyewatch Technologies which helps mining, coal & gold digging industries, cities, forests, roads & highways. Our company helps these industries by providing solutions like volumetric analysis, 3D model generation in Obj format, Orthomosaic photos, 2D and 3D Topographical base maps ,Digital Elevation Model with spatial resolution with a specialized software.

  • Geographic Coordinate System (GCS) Survey
  • UAV Based Survey - LIDAR/ Multispectral
  • Standard Data Products – Orthophoto, DEM, Contour Map, 3D Mesh, Point Cloud
  • Advanced Analytics – Area Identification, Encroachment identification
  • Service Platform
  • Topographical Survey
  • Comprehensive Survey Reports
  • Generation of GIS database

Surveillance & Inspection

Th rough inventive and honest approach to its customers, products and team members, we provides ideal drone platform and excellent solution for surveillance & inspection. Our drones off er extensive applications enabling our clients to realize their full potential while protecting the environment. Drone usage in surveillance & inspection will have lot advantages like low cost, accuracy, less operational hours which saves lot of lives. Solar farm inspection, Wind turbine inspection, Border surveillance, Powerline Stringing are some of the areas where we can use drones.

Solar Farm Inspection

Solar panel fields, like any other artificial infrastructure objects, require periodical inspections. Drone equipped with thermal camera is the best choice for solar panel field inspection, as in most cases it saves costs compared to manned aviation and saves time compared to visual control with handheld IR camera.

Wind Turbine Inspection
wind turbine

We provide an economic, reliable and safe solution for wind turbine blade inspection using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Our inspection techniques provides High Definition (HD) videos and Ultra high resolution imagery of the blade which previously was only achievable by rope climbing maintenance team.

Powerline Stringing

Most of the project sites will have very difficult terrains to reach out, , where companies need to spend lot of time, resources to lay the initial guide line between the towers, that’s where we come in and we use drones to drop the guide line between the towers, which saves lot of time and resources to the companies.

Smart City

Unmanned systems are being used and deployed to quickly collect, aggregate, analyze and deliver highly accurate and highly detailed data: the foundation of a smart city. This data facilitates applications that improve operations, engage residents and support communities.

  • Illegal Boundary & Extension
  • Asset Management
  • Property Tax Evaluation
  • Land Records Management
  • Smart City Solutions
  • Encroachment Monitoring
  • Ulitity Mapping
  • Land Use Classification
  • Vegetation Analysis
  • Creating Development Control Rules